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Tolpa : Black from Nature.

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Tolpa, the new cult dermocosmetics skincare range launched in the UK this summer, now introduces a prestige line-up designed to power skin’s natural rejuvenation. Tolpa, the new buzz pharmacy skincare brand from Poland, is launching its latest premium collection – Black from Nature – exclusively into John Bell & Croyden pharmacy this November. 

Designed to support the skin’s ability to rejuvenate, the range has been formulated with plant stem cells harnessed from the Buddleia bush. These special stem cells were selected for use in Black from Nature by Tolpa’s R&D team as they have been shown to protect the skin against photoageing and increase the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress, as well as reducing fine lines and helping to slow the breakdown of collagen.   

Black from Nature Rich Face Cream is for normal and dry skin. It eliminates signs of fatigue, which contribute to ageing – as well as moisturising and smoothing the skin, whilst improving its firmness and elasticity. The formula reduces and helps smooth both shallow and deeper wrinkles, and supports regeneration. The rich texture restores skin comfort, which is especially important for dry skin – to leave it soft and feeling smooth to the touch. It also protects against the harmful impacts of the external environment. 

For more info visit John Bell & Croyden website.



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