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Tropical Sun Jamaican Ackee

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The national fruit of Jamaica, Ackee is a soft and delicious yellow-orange fruit which is eaten as a vegetable, most commonly in Jamaica's signature dish: Ackee and Saltfish. However Ackee has now being embraced by the plant based community as an ingredient in both cooking and baking.

Tropical Sun Ackee is considered the gold standard by chefs and grandmothers alike, and is expertly picked, cut, washed and tinned by hand by their team in Central Village, Jamaica. Closely-guarded process guarantees maximum freshness and flavour, and uses no artificial chemicals.

Tropical Sun's journey started in 1996 when they began importing a few specialist ingredients and daily essentials for the UK’s thriving ethnic communities. As word spread, they began receiving requests for specific items from homelands far-afield: Spices, oils, drinks and snacks that helped people stay connected to their cultures.

Having been so focused on putting products onto shelves, they are now looking to spend more time developing their online offering and expanding on their 'In the Community' projects so that they can inspire yet more people to tropicalise their food.

For more info you may visit https://tropicalsunfoods.com/

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