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Urtekram Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Body Wash

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This festive season, Nordic beauty brand Urtekram is encouraging everyone to find balance in often hectic everyday lives, with its new find balance Fragrance Free Body Wash.

The Fragrance Free Body Wash is a mild body cleanser for daily use which is gentle and skin-friendly for all skin conditions. The unscented cleanser contains mild coconut tensides, organic aloe vera, beta-sitosterol and squalene to offer a mild cleansing action. This unique blend of ingredients supports the protective function of the skin, leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling nourished and moisturised. The fragrance free formula with carefully selected natural ingredients will help your skin to stay in balance. Certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic, 100 % natural origin and vegan.

Suitable for all age ranges, the new collection is packaged in a light natural shade of blue with white caps to instil a calming effect into bathrooms. The collection is packaged in predominately sustainable materials made from plant-based sugar cane to help reduce to the amount of CO2 used. 

For more info visit https://www.urtekrambeauty.com/



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