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ViDrate : Rehydration Sachets

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Vidrate is an advanced hydration range containing electrolytes, vitamins and zero sugar whilst being made with natural ingredients.

Designed to help people who struggle to drink enough water on a daily basis, ViDrate is available in five flavours including Lemon Lime & Mint, Mixed Berry, Strawberry & Lime, Tropical plus the newly launched Mojito. Added to the flavours, a caffeine version is available to help give your body a little boost and a night time version designed to help your body rest before bed. Each ViDrate sachet contains only approx 15-20 calories.

Sachets can be purchased from as little as 40p on the ViDrate website and are also available with Holland & Barrett, providing a vegan/vegetarian friendly drink suitable for all including diabetics and pregnant people.

For more info visit https://www.vidrate.co.uk/

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