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Well lab Ltd. : CBD Oil – Best for Rest: 02/REST

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Around one in three people in the UK are affected by insomnia, with many more suffering from other sleep-related conditions. Lack of sleep can feed into other issues such as anxiety and depression, low mood, and lack of libido. 

The experts at Well lab believe that self-care begins with a well-rested mind and body and as such have created a natural blend of terpenes and herbal extracts hand-picked for their calming properties.  


Well lab’s 02/Rest targets insomnia and sleep issues, as well as anxiety, stress, tension and migraines.

Alongside high-quality CBD oil, myrcene, is a key ingredient in Well lab REST. It is an aromatic compound that has natural sedative effects and is believed to reduce anxiety, ease pain, and relieve stress. There is evidence to suggest myrcene can also be used to treat migraines.

Other terpenes in this expert blend include terpinolene, alpha pinene and beta-caryophyllene. Specific herbs are also included in the formulation to add extra benefits including passionflower and chamomile extracts.  When used collectively, these compounds have a balancing effect on the body’s regulatory systems.


Well lab’s CBD products are made with broad-spectrum CBD distillate and available in various concentrations. Those who are unsure of which product would be most beneficial can use the brand’s product finder for a best recommendation: https://www.welllab.co.uk/product-finder/

The Well lab range of CBD oils come complete with both a spray and pipette so that you can try and select your preferred delivery option.

UK based Well lab CBD oil brand (www.welllab.co.uk/) acknowledges that medical claims for a CBD product cannot be made and they do not take any medical responsibility.  Well lab however recognised that clients report to use CBD to support a variety of symptoms.

Find out more at www.welllab.co.uk/

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