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ZAG is a delicious, healthy and vegan alternative to non-alcoholic beer. It could be a great gift for anyone this festive season. (RRP £3.95 for a pack of 2). Using a fabulous blend of ingredients to create a drink with a real, punchy zest and gorgeous fizz, this refreshing thirst-quencher also comes in a retro, vibrant can - a real eye-catcher!

Zag is the new, great-tasting and distinctive, alcohol-free drink for adults available in cans or bottles. Best served cold to enjoy the zesty, botanical flavours and ultra refreshing taste.

The ingredients fizz with health from green tea and kombucha to cucumber, citrus and mint.  This alchemy of flavours is crafted to create a drink that looks like a craft beer but has a unique earthy taste.  

For more info visit https://zagdrinks.com/

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