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ZENB Pasta

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Online plant-powered food brand ZENB is introducing the UK’s first pasta range to be made entirely from yellow peas – a small but mighty legume. 

Also known as ‘field peas’, yellow peas are originally green but turn yellow as they mature, and bring a delicious flavour, subtle aroma and al dente texture to the ZENB Pasta.

These pasta has a delicious flavour, subtle aroma and al dente texture. The range is also rich in protein, making it a great option for a filling lunch for families while working from home or as a post-gym meal.

It’s not just about the great taste either - continuing the brand’s mission to help raise awareness around food waste, the ZENB pasta is made from 100% Yellow Peas which are the greener choice because they improve the soil by fixing nitrogen and require less water to grow than wheat*.

Available in three shapes; Fusilli, Macaroni and Penne, ZENB pasta is gluten-free and vegan. 

For more info visit https://zenb.co.uk/

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