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ZOETIC – Regenerate CBD Massage Oil

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Relax and unwind with our beautifully scented CBD massage oil. Inspired by nature and crafted from organic ingredients, it lift the stress from your shoulders and help you to breathe easy as you unwind and relax.

ZOETIC, Regenerate CBD Massage Oil helps to detoxify and calm aches and pains with its anti-inflammatory properties, and contains Rosemary essential oil which works to soothe inflammation. It also has Vitamin E to boost your energy levels and Grapeseed oil to boost your circulation, which when used in a massage, can relieve pain and swelling. These oils can also be added to the bath for an alternative way to treat your skin, relax the mind, and get a better night sleep.

This warming all-natural CBD massage oil is the ultimate indulgent addition to your relaxation time.

For more info visit https://zoetic.com/

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