By: Jamie Kerr, Founder of MindKite.

In this modern, fast-paced world we are always serving or being served, never taking the time to consider ourselves as the most important product in the equation. 

We often hear the saying ‘’ never pour from an empty cup’’ meaning you have to be happy and fulfill yourself before trying to help others. This is true in part, but what I like to teach is the overflow system – that you allow people to reap the benefits of your overflowing cup thus never having to empty yours and repeat the cycle over and over to gain happiness with yourself or life. 

In everything I do I like to begin it with gratitude. To truly love yourself and appreciate who you are, you first must ground yourself with gratitude. Without you, there are many things in this world that just simply would not exist or exist the way they currently are. So, when we say ground yourself with gratitude, you are the most important part. It is not enough to just think of things you may take for granted daily, you must be grateful for you as the person that makes it all possible. Gratitude is a great starting point for creating a positive mindset and good mental health practices, because it gives you a strong foundation of self-love as a starting point. No matter what happens on any given day – good, bad, or indifferent – you will always have that solid starting point to return to. You can look at yourself in the mirror and know that tomorrow is another day. 

Mental health is like any other regimen. We all seem to have one for hair care, skin care, body care but what about brain care? This has to be a key part of the daily regimen that we have in our life because otherwise, without good brain and mental care, the other aspects of our lives will suffer. We must set aside time to connect with ourselves mentally and who we are as individuals – what we like, who we like, what we consume, and how we grow. One of the best ways to do this is to allow some time in your week to try new things, especially things that are in the category of self-development, growth or inspiration. Walk to new parks, pick up a new book, try new foods, and even try connecting with new people, especially those who may serve as someone you admire or who inspires you on your mental wellness journey.

Many times we talk solely about external variables that drive happiness or stress, and how often we feel our mental health slide or our happiness deteriorate due to tying our health to things like a certain person, place, or thing. This is inherently flawed because if one day that source of happiness is not available to you, it will have an adverse effect on your individual health. Instead, we must face life armed with sources of happiness from within, and the mindset that everything else will simply be an added bonus to that. We cannot let external variables serve as the controlling factor in whether we are happy or in good health. 

Finally, a crucial step in our mental health and self-care regimens must include taking time out of your busy schedule to rest, recover and sleep. This is possibly the most overlooked and underrated tool we have yet it's vital for good well being physically and mentally. Burnout – a level of elevated exhaustion when the body and mind has enough of being constantly worked and used – is on everyone’s minds lately. Although burnout seems to be the buzzword, the focus here should be on the necessary rest and relaxation that the condition is lacking. Draw in more tranquil energy by trying meditation, going on long slow walks, sitting close to the ocean taking in the sounds and sights, and other things that you may feel help to relax you. Perhaps have a dedicated day(s) during the week to focus on your own relaxation, like a  “Self-care Sundays.” 

Good mental health, physical health and wellbeing are the most precious gifts you will ever receive.  It is important that we learn to respect these elements to live a happy and full life. Proactively stop to reflect and take care of yourself, or your body will stop in its tracks for you.

About Jamie Kerr, Founder of the new mental wellbeing social media app, MindKite

Jamie is the founder of MindKite, a mental wellbeing social media app and global community platform launched in May 2021. 

MindKite aims to address mental wellbeing for men, women and teens, and helps to empower people through network building and social interaction, enhanced mental health literacy, and behavior change education. 

Jamie is a Performance Mentor and Mindset Coach and has spent 13 years working within psychology and mental health, dedicating his time to delivering his own unique style of mindset coaching derived from his NLP, CBT and Life Coaching methods. He is also trained in Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Awareness and holds a diploma in Psychological Coaching from the BPS-approved Centre for Coaching and a Diploma in Life Coaching.

Jamie is mentored by celebrity life coach Xavier Barnett, global motivational speaker Les Brown, and internet marketing sensation Paul Getter. 

Jamie has a wealth of knowledge on mental health, mindset and business, he has mentored and coached over 1000 people, racking up 20,000+ hours in assisting people to achieve wealth, success, business growth, strengthened relationships and improved mindsets. 

Jamie is also the ambassador for the charity, MindSoldiers.

You can download the MindKite app for android here and IOS here.

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