By: Michael Padraig Acton

Rage rooms are becoming all the rage. It is well documented that punching a boxing bag can release stress and tension due to repressed anger or frustration. Once a specialist item on the agenda of any noteworthy retreat or healing therapeutic indulgence, rage therapy has hit the high street. Rage rooms and smash centres are becoming more popular. And, of course, if they are becoming more popular they must be beneficial otherwise people would walk with their feet and not attend.

Rage/scream therapy is a simple process and a powerful release. We don't fight or flight as reasonable humans so our adrenaline gets stressed and we do not usually get the release. Most athletes push out their workout to punch through whatever is happening on a personal level. Some people do not have this to pump their adrenaline and let go of bad stuff. So, yes, we can recommend people work through stress and letting go of deep stuck emotions by smashing plates, screaming and shouting, and kicking the hell out of things in a safe and controlled environment. It is not a replacement for working through issues in therapy but it is a great alliance to stress management and releasing pent up anger safely.

Michael Padraig Acton is a Consultant, psychological therapist, counsellor and author with 30+ years’ experience, and a specialist in toxic relationships including domestic violence, narcissism and co-dependency. He is a relationships expert based in both the UK and US, originally from Ireland. His new book in the ground-breaking self-help series, Power Of You, is out July 2021: Learning How To Leave (A Practical Guide to Stepping Away from Toxic Narcissistic Relationships). His second book in the series, Learning How To Be A ‘Good Enough’ Parent is out November 2021 and his third on grief Learning How To Heal is out February 2022. Michael is available for media interviews, this article is available for media use in part/full, please contact Literally PR: