by Helen Jennings

Helen’s journey into wellbeing, harmonizing and coaching came from a natural curiosity and passion for people. Starting out in the world of recruitment, Helen was naturally comfortable encouraging candidates to grow in their careers, leading to a role in HR. It was here that she eventually nurtured and developed a growing workforce of 250 people. The role took all of her time and energy and Helen’s own well-being suffered. Rather than putting herself first, Helen was putting everybody above her own needs which resulted in burnout and exhaustion and she suffered with imposter syndrome.

Having to work through imposter syndrome actually became her saving grace as it was because of this, Helen realised things had to change. She was not content and she was not living her best life. At 50 years old she took a giant leap of faith and attended a 2-day introductory workshop on coaching and within a few short hours knew what her life purpose was. By the end of the weekend, she had signed up with The Coaching Academy to train as a Life Coach. She left her role in HR and spent the next 9 months training everyday to get her qualification, receiving a distinction in Dec 2019. Helen set her business up in Jan 2020, ‘Helen Jennings Coaching’, and got herself a coach who was incredible. Helen believes every coach should have a coach and she does not doubt that she will go back to her many times in the years to come. 

Finding her niche in confidence, resilience, wellbeing, personal development, Helen at first settled with personal development but always knew wellbeing was the one. In February 2020, the unthinkable happened, Helen’s elder brother died suddenly. The impact of his death was profoundly painful. They were a close family. Whilst her coaching skills actually supported Helen in many ways, she now needed more.

Helen believes the universe sent Dawn Breslin, Founder of the Harmonizing Alignment Programme to her, firstly as support, to help cope with her grief and secondly for her to use the skills she has passed on to her, to heal, energise and transform other people’s lives the way she has done for her. Harmonizing is a gentle step by step process, similar to a car being serviced, whereby aspects of our life are systematically reviewed and re-aligned to strengthen our foundation of confidence, courage and resilience. By re-aligning our life choices with our core values, positive thinking patterns and optimal behaviours we power up our whole system (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) to realise our full potential.

Wellbeing is the graceful dance of mind, body and spirit in harmony and what Helen didn't realise when she started training to be an Emotional Wellbeing Harmonizing Coach with Dawn Breslin was the impact this would have on her. From a place of deep grief, her soul needed recovery. The process meant she was able to accept what is, she transitioned from living from her head to her heart. 

Living from our hearts allows us to bring in and power up our energy. This process taught her that she needed to dig deep and go to the core of her being first, get rid of all the emotional debris first so that she could create and manifest the life she wanted to live. Reconnecting with herself, realigning and now flowing with the Universe. 

Harmonizing isn't coaching as such, there isn't any setting goals in the process. Harmonizing awakens us, the exercises are so powerful. They take you on a journey, reminding you of who you were, the difficulties you have overcome and how you have grown from them. You feel energised, powered up, become courageous, build self trust, align your mindset and fly.

“The Harmonizing Alignment Process is a gentle process that organically takes you on a soul journey. Helen is an exceptional guide; accompanying you with such grace and generosity of time and energy. I am deeply grateful to Helen for her guidance and insights over the past weeks. My life has changed in so many ways, bringing me back into alignment and satisfaction. I am learning to love myself from the way I dress to the way I approach self-care. My family has noticed the changes and I am enjoying living a more authentic life. I’m excited to see where continued work with Helen will take me. With so much love and gratitude to you, Helen.“- Jay